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Tai Chi for Veterans

As part of the VA Mission Act of 2018, CCN(Community Care Network) has expanded coverage for additional services to veterans to include tai chi as a treatment modality.  As a VA CCN provider, Debra Gunn and TaijiFit™ are committed to serving Veterans by providing them with exceptional assistance and support. 

The Taiji Fit™ method of teaching focuses on instilling the practice of Tai Chi through the experience of "flow". Focusing purely on the experience of flow, participants engage in a moving meditation while also exercising the body. There is no responsibility to learn, memorize or have any prior knowledge of tai chi. There are no critiques, corrections, or criticism, so the veteran can focus on their treatment and gain its benefits. Tai Chi's slow continuous movements are appropriate for all ages and fitness levels, and thanks to the Taiji Fit™ teaching method, are easily accessible to all.  Tai Chi can be done standing or seated. 

Benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Improved Mental Health

  • Reduced Chronic Pain 

  • Improved balance and fall reduction

  • Lower Blood Pressure

  • Stress and Anxiety Reduction

  • Increased Flexibility and Strength

  • PTSD Symptoms reduced

  • Improvement with TMI ​*The TaijiFit™ teaching method molds traditional Tai Chi into a modern experience that immediately delivers Tai Chi’s benefits.  

Debra Gunn is certified as a Taiji Fit™ Instructor, an accredited contracted provider and stands ready to deliver the full ask of the Mission Act’s Tai Chi and yoga services through TaijiFit’s Tai Chi  and Yoga for Veterans Program.

*Please contact Deb HERE  for more information about the Tai Chi,Yoga, and meditation for Veterans Project.

Tai Chi for Veterans: Welcome
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