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Balanced Wellness with Deb Gunn

Welcome to Fitness and Chi, your virtual home away from home.  A welcoming community of awesome people finding balanced health for body and mind.  Where community, connection and support is our focus.

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Navigating the new world

  Like so many others in 2020,  I found myself displaced from my studio and quarantine.  Needing to reinvent myself and my whole way of life and work, Fitness & Chi was born. I have been training and coaching clients for 14 years to improve their fitness and nutrition in a studio setting. As a result of the pandemic,  I have moved exclusively to the online community to serve my clients virtually.  What a year! The fitness world has been turned on it's ear and has evolved into a new era of online wellness.  We are all in need of not only physical health and resilience, but mental health and stress relief as well.  Whole health and wellbeing has become the heart of my training. My focus is group training and coaching online.  I believe community and connection is more important now than ever.

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Weight Bar


Full Body Circuit class using weights and bodyweight.   Work all of the major muscle groups at your fitness level.  Work in a  timed circuit balanced between work/rest periods.  30 minute workout. Sometimes with a bonus Tabata round! FUN

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Tai Chi Class


Movement Meditation. Follow along Tai Chi Flow. Enjoy feeling refreshed, energized and relaxed at the same time.
With the unique Taiji Fit™ teaching method applied to the Tai Chi movements, this class creates the opportunity to gain the benefits of Tai Chi without the need to learn or memorize anything. Just follow along and do what you see. No prior knowledge of tai chi required. Improve both your physical and mental well being, reduce stress, improve balance, and so much more. Join us for a little calm in the storm.

  If you have trouble meditating, movement meditation is for you.  Let everything go, and enjoy gentle movement, while you refresh, rejuvenate, and relax. 



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Tai Chi flow blended with standing Yoga Asanas

Eyes Closed


Join us for a relaxing 15 minute guided meditation.  Studies show that meditation can reduce stress, control anxiety, calm negative emotions, improve sleep, help control pain, help decrease blood pressure, and strengthen patience to name only a few.

  • Guided meditation works by focusing your mind on one thing, whether that is breathing, visualization, or calming your emotions.  If you’re like me and feel like you “can’t meditate,” a guided meditation can help. 

Yoga on Deck


A blend of Mobility, Stability, and Flexibility training to complement your other workouts, and make all of your movements easier. Increasing your range of motion and keeping great balance as we age.

Cardio conditioning and strength training is important, but it’s vital that we also include movement that restores us. Why? This type of training is essential for staying injury-free and living a healthy and movement filled life.

 Specifically designed around the “3 TYs” – flexibility, mobility and stability. Each workout draws inspiration from a mix of sports, yoga, calisthenics and rehabilitation with the central theme being the connection between mind and movement.

Who’s it for? These workouts are zero impact and perfect for recovery days, or general human optimization - making you more mobile and functional and complimenting all other types of exercise. They also provide an ideal entry point for older populations or those brand new to working out.

Girl Stretching



This class is offered as a general group flexibility class.  Improve your flexibility and mobility to make everything you do easier and reduce joint pain. This is a must for EVERYONE.

Science of Stretching™ vs. Yin Yoga

Science of Stretching focuses on long, passive stretches and incorporates standing postures, myofascial release, and a three-pronged approach to nervous system and soft tissue change.

Unlike Yin, Science of Stretching does not teach meridians, does not advocate stretching ligaments, and does not teach or subscribe to structural limitation theory.

Science of Stretching™ is not a complete practice or exercise routine. It’s specifically focused on one thing—flexibility—and it’s meant to complement whatever else you’re doing for exercise.

Science of Stretching™ is not a complete practice or exercise routine. It’s specifically focused on one thing—flexibility—and it’s meant to complement whatever else you’re doing for exercise.

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